Complete control system replacement in a factory. DCI was responsible of the control system modernization, the technical scope is described in the next sections

Control equipment involved

Caso de Éxito
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Caso de Exito
  • DeltaV system with 7 Operator stations and 3 other stations for development, applications and engineering.
  • Five independent process areas each one controlled by a 140CPU67160 Quantum hot standby redundant PLC. Controllers communicate with DeltaV MD redundant processors using Ethernet redundant communications.
  • Two remote process areas controlled by 140CPU53414A/U and 140CPU67160 Quantum PLCs, with wireless Ethernet communication with the main system for monitoring and remote access to ladder logic. Each area is locally operated using a Magelis XBTG7340.
  • Main electrical substation protections system controlled by a 140CPU43412A/U Quantum PLC and a Magelis XBTG7340 operator terminal.
  • One mobile unit controlled with a M340 BMXP341000 PLC with Modbus Plus communication with the main system using a BM85 gateway
  • RIO network for IO acquisition connecting an average of 10 drops per process area, with approximately 5,000 discrete IO points an 1,000 analog signals.
  • Modbus Plus network with 5 operator terminals Magelis XBTG7340 and XBTGT5230.
  • 2 Softstart units Altistar 48 model ATS48C41Y, drives Altivar 28 and Altivar 31



The scope of services our company provided was:
  • Recollection of detailed technical information of the existing systems.
  • Control architecture design based on our clients standard definitions.
  • Definition of required control and communications equipment, along with an estimate of the number of control enclosures to be used.
  • Detailed control engineering diagrams generation including materials listings, scope of installation work and design calculations datasheets.
  • Control enclosures diagrams for its construction, assembly and internal wiring.
  • Control enclosures acceptance test before shipping.
  • PLC, DeltaV and operator terminals configuration and programming.
  • Configuration of intermediate devices such as Ethernet TCP/IP switches, MB+/MB gateways, MB+ and RIO repeaters.
  • Electrical installation of the control and communications systems.
  • Simulation of the final code looking for approval by the people responsible of maintenance and operation in the area, using the appropriate simulation equipment.
  • Obsolete existing control enclosures replacement with new ones, including its connection.
  • Network communications commissioning including Ethernet, MB+, RIO and wireless Ethernet.
  • Field devices commissioning. Process equipment testing without materials and in full production. Control loops tuning and timers adjustment.
  • 24 / 7 support after full production start to ensure continuous operation for each area.
  • At the end of the strat-up, temporary fully-updated documentation was delivered to the customer and a later time was replaced by the final as built information.
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