• Control system design. Beginning with a simple need of our client we take care of all the aspects of the project clear definition of the scope, existing information recollection, control architecture, equipment selection, communications and control philosophy.
  • Consulting for control systems standardization. Based on the analysis of our client requirements and internal organization, we work with them a clear definition of the control system. The Standard Specification may include issues from naming conventions to final acceptance tests protocols.
  • Detailed and basic control engineering diagrams. Development of diagrams to represent the following information:
    • Functional description using block diagrams
    • Control enclosures, operation consoles and connection boxes construction and internal layouts
    • Wiring of field devices to control modules including high voltage elements
    • Control and communications architecture
    • Detailed control engineering including material quantification and routes
  • Control applications development with the following devices:
    • Programmable controllers
    • Operation terminals
    • Human machine interface software for personal computers
    • Distributed Control Systems (DCS) software
  • Design and assembly of control enclosures using the best proven criteria for good functionality, easy maintenance and fast failure detection. All control points are configured and tested with the recommended hardware and software and following written protocols.
  • Installation of electrical, control and instrumentation systems.
  • Application commissioning and start-up using the adequate software and hardware and supported by professional communications and measurement equipment always trying to have the system running in desired time.
  • Control software and equipment sale, from supported brands and also from manufacturers that complement our solution.
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