Quality control
Software engineers working on project and programming in company

Design of control systems

From the conceptualization of control requirements, survey of existing systems to the detailed definition of an Architecture, including definition of equipment, communications and control philosophy.

Advice for the standardization of control systems

Based on an analysis of the requirements of both the process and the organizational structure of our clients, a specification of the components of their control system is developed together with them. This standard specification can range from signal nomenclature to test protocols.

Quality Control
IT engineer controlling network systems

Development of basic and detailed engineering diagrams

Generation of engineering diagrams for the representation of the following information:

  • Block-based operation description
  • External and internal arrangements of control cabinets, consoles and registers
  • Connection of equipment and signals to control equipment modules, as well as interaction with power systems
  • Control and communications architecture
  • Control detail engineering including wiring schedules, bills of materials and calculation memories

Development of control applications for the following devices:

  • Programmable Controllers
  • Interface terminals for operation based on proprietary hardware
  • Monitoring systems for operation based on personal computers
  • Distributed control systems for operation interface and regulatory control
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Blurred Background of Switches and Wiring Inside of Electrical Control Cabinet

Design and assembly of control cabinets

Applying proven criteria for better functionality, ease of maintenance and speed in fault detection. All installed signals are configured and tested using appropriate software and equipment, following specific protocols.

Electrical installation of control and instrumentation systems

Electrician installing the electricity consumption box.
Engineer by control panel

Commissioning and commissioning of the developments, with the support of the appropriate programs and interfaces as well as the measurement instruments and communication devices required to test and commission the control system in optimal times.

Sale of equipment and control software both from our technology partners and from other manufacturers that complement our offer

Network specialist updating software