About us

Our Commitments

In its daily operations, DCI seeks to fulfill the following commitments:

Some of Our History

Our company was founded at the beginning of 1989 with the objective of providing engineering services mainly to systems based on Programmable Controllers whose market was growing rapidly.

DCI's trajectory is characterized by having numerous challenges which have been successfully overcome and have contributed to its technical and organizational growth. Among the challenges that have forged our company are:


Provide products and services for the automation of industrial processes


To be a world-class company in the field of automation

  • Conceptualization of processes and control architectures for Corporate Standardization of equipment, nomenclature, application development, information organization, etc. contributing to the operational efficiency of our clients.
  • Implementation of prototype process control such as the burning of alternative fuels such as tires, coke, liquids, etc.
  • Design and implementation of unique control architectures in the market such as the Hybrid Architecture PLC Quantum - DCS DeltaV or the first in Mexico such as Plant Scape.
  • Our company has enjoyed the sufficient trust of a client to be the first Systems Integrator to develop projects in Mexico instead of hiring its own engineering centers abroad.
  • Development of projects for plants abroad such as Houston, Colombia, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.


DCI seeks that all the activities and relationships of its members are based on the following values:


Congruence with the mission and values ​​of the company; practice what is preached; commitment and loyalty to the company.


Act with rectitude in the application of company norms and handling of internal information; be trustworthy for our behavior and responses.


Show correspondence, empathy and commitment to the fulfillment of predetermined objectives, positions or contracted duties.


Strict compliance with the established times and schedules.


Towards the staff, clients, company assets, products and services, emphasizing the importance of these through daily treatment, care and seriousness shown towards them.


DCI seeks continuous improvement by focusing its efforts on compliance with:
Code of conduct

that defines the daily behavior of the members of the company.

Quality Manual

that defines the characteristics that the results must fulfill to the clients.


the proven ways to get the best results.

Relevant Events

At present DCI is a mature company widely recognized for providing hand-held, optimal solutions according to the requirements of its clients. The main manufacturers of industrial control equipment consider us to be part of their recognized integrators and support us with our clients.

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