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The scope of services our company provided was:

  • Recollection of detailed technical information of the existing systems.
  • Control architecture design based on our clients standard definitions.
  • Definition of required control and communications equipment, along with an estimate of the number of control enclosures to be used.
  • Detailed control engineering diagrams generation including materials listings, scope of installation work and design calculations datasheets.
  • Generation of construction diagrams of control cabinets and wiring of signals to PLC modules.
  • Testing of control cabinets before shipment to the plant.
  • Equipment configuration and application development for PLC, DeltaV and Operation Terminal systems.
  • Configuration of various devices such as: Ethernet TCP / IP communication switches, MB + / MB interface gateways, RIO and MB + network repeaters
  • Electrical installation of the control and communications system.
  • Acceptance tests of developments with maintenance and operations personnel of the client, through simulation with test equipment.
  • Change of obsolete control panels and installation and connection of new control panels.
  • Ethernet, MB +, RIO and wireless Ethernet network communication tests.
  • Signal commissioning, vacuum equipment testing and loaded equipment testing. Adjustment of times and tuning of control loops.
  • Operation supervision for the stabilization of each of the areas. In the final phases of each area, 24 hours were covered.
  • Delivery of temporary documentation before finishing the commissioning work and subsequent formal delivery of documentation in its finally installed version.


The methodology in the development of Projects can be described in the following points:

In this phase, the results expected by the client and supported by the commercial agreement are clearly defined, as well as the assignment of control engineers and definition of communication channels with the client. Finally, the dates to be met are defined for each of the following phases.

By assigning the resources required for the contemplated developments, our control engineers carry out the configuration and programming of the different control devices involved. These developments are governed by specific procedures for validation, documentation, information storage and management of time invested.

The simulation of the operation of the final application with test equipment is promoted to confirm that the objectives set were met, as well as to validate the correct action of the critical operations.

Our Difference

Philosophy for project development

The main objective of the development process of a control system is to comply with the functionality agreed with the client, however, in DCI each development additionally has the following objectives:

Search for efficiency in commissioning and commissioning times by conducting intensive tests in the office as well as the correct documentation of developments and pending log.