The main objective in the development of a control system is to fulfill the clients requirements, but in DCI we have the following additional goals:

  • Use of clear, re-usable and fully documented application code, always following the clients standards.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance approach. Look for the best ways in which the operators can visualize the process and for the maintenance crew to reduce time for locating failures..
  • Search for efficient commissioning and start-up times by strict Factory Acceptance Tests along with full documentation and pending issues.



Used methodology may be briefly described as follow:
  • Clear definition of objectives and participants roles. Based on the previous commercial agreement, clear objectives are defined, control engineers roles assigned and communication channels with the client established. Finally a time program in defined for each phase.
  • Execution. Once the required resources are assigned, our engineering staff configures and develops the control applications for the different devices. Every segment of code follows the applicable standard procedures for its validation, documentation, storage along with the record of the engineer hours dedicated.
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT). A simulation of the final code with the adequate hardware and with the presence of the client is encouraged to validate that the operation meets the requirements and the critical operations work correctly.

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