Provide products and services for industrial processes automation with innovation and leadership in the use of technology, exceeding our customers expectations for value and service.


To be a world class company in the industrial automation market, with a staff committed to quality, innovation, loyalty, customer oriented and leaders in the usage of technology aimed to the improvement of automated processes in the manufacturing industry.



DCI’s daily operation always seeks to fulfill the following commitments:
  • Customers: to provide them with the required, fully operational, functional and error free solution on time.
  • Employees: offer them the opportunity for developing their professional skills within an environment of respect, equity and success acknowledgment.
  • Technological Partners: to develop an honest, open and long-term relationship always looking forward to be the ideal partner to achieve our client’s best results.


DCI encourages all personnel activity and interaction to be ruled by the following values:
  • Integrity. Accept company’s mission and values as you own; Always do exactly as you say; commitment and loyalty to the company.
  • Honesty. Behave with integrity in applying company’s principles and handling sensitive information; show trustworthy behavior and accurate answers.
  • Accountability. Show reciprocation, empathy and compromise to achieve acquired goals and objectives and fulfill duties.
  • Punctuality. Strict observance of the agreed timing and schedules.
  • Show respect for coworkers, clients, company’s assets, products and services through daily actions, carefulness and thoughtfulness.


DCI in a constant search for excellence uses the following tools to achieve it:
  • Code of Conduct: outlines the daily behavior of the company’s personnel.
  • Quality manual: defines the standard outcome to the clients.
  • Operational procedures: define the proven steps to achieve the desired results.


  • Headquartered in the city of Monterrey to attend Northern Mexico.
  • Branch office in the city of Queretaro to attend central, southern and southeastern Mexico.
  • Information Technology: 3 main servers, 66 local processing nodes, 8 printers, FTP Server, CISCO VPN and Mitel IP PBX
  • Hardware and software for development in the following platforms: Emerson DeltaV, Allen Bradley, Modicon, Siemens and GE Fanuc.
  • Start-up support equipment: VHF radios, signal calibrators, signal meters, cable locators, networks configuration terminals and testers.

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